Thursday, September 24, 2009

Continuation of Feature

Here are some more feature shots that I took around the chinatown area. There isn't a very strong story behind it. These are shots of people on there way to work or school. Like David Maialetti, I too love silhouettes.

more oldies


This is some of my past work. Some from college and a little from high school

When we got this assignment I was a little confused as to what a feature shot is. After some research I'm pretty much in the same place I started, but I've gotten a little bit closer. I guess a feature photo is one that has a story behind it. The story doesnt have to be compelling, it can just be simple. Here are some shots of a street performer I met around our beautiful city of Philadelphia. Her name is caroline and she is just trying to get by

First Timer

I am so new to the blog game, but with society today I was bound to start one eventually. This is the first post I've ever done, but it wont be my last. Cheers to the first of many!