Thursday, November 5, 2009

ipod police scanner

So my girlfriend showed me that there is a police scanner app for the iphone/itouch. The second she told me i downloaded and checked it out. The app itself wasn't really all that good, (it was too hard to hear what they were saying) but it got me thinking about how to get news shots. We took a subway and got off at walnut street. The scanner needed wifi, so it wasn't of much use, but it got me in a good mindset. I decided to follow any police siren that went off in the distance. This was tough because they were in their cars and we were on foot. To my surprise we actually caught up to one. It had stopped at an elderly home where an old man had suffered some kind of health problem. I didnt get any shots of the man because my lens wasn't long enough and taking pictures of an elderly man up close that had no news value seemed insensitive, but I did get a decent shot of the ambulance.

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